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Veteran Network Membership Registration

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BMAHE Veteran Network Registration

Open to all prior BMAHE members who are no longer homeschooling but wish to remain connected to the community. 

Please complete the form below. 

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First & Last Name:  (e.g. Mary and John Smith)

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Phone Number: (e.g. 701-123-4567)

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Year(s) of Membership: (e.g. 2000-2019)

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BMAHE Bylaws and Statement of Faith
It is your responsibility to read the BMAHE Bylaws and Statement of Faith therein. Only the board is required to sign this document, but all members must understand and acknowledge that this is the guiding framework for our support group. 

I have read and understand the Bylaws and Statement of Faith BMAHE follows.

Yes No (membership will not be granted)