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Resources Access Membership Registration

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THEA Resource Access Membership

Membership year is August 1 to July 31.  Fee is $10/year per family before Sep 1. $15 after Sep 1.

Please complete the form below then pay your membership dues. Once your registration and payment are received, you will receive an email with your membership card to be used at the Missouri River Teacher Resource Center (may also be used for teacher discounts at some stores) and the HSLDA discount code. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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Parent/Guardian First & Last Name:  (e.g. Mary and John Smith)

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Phone Number: (e.g. 701-123-4567)

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Email address:  (e.g. [email protected])

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Are you homeschooling according to ND Century Code Chapter 15.1-23-01 and have submitted your Statement of Intent?

 Homeschooling does not include distance learning or public/private school at home as those students are enrolled in a district school or a private school. To qualify as a homeschooling family, you need to meet the requirements of ND Century Code Chapter 15.1-23-01.

If you have questions about the law and what constitutes homeschooling and what does not, please email [email protected]

Yes. No. (membership will not be granted)
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BMAHE Membership to BPS District Library Media Center

BMAHE purchases a membership for its members to use the Bismarck Public School District Library Media Center (Missouri River Teacher Resource Center) at the Hughes Building on North Washington Street. To use the Center for copying or laminating, or to borrow any materials, BMAHE members need to present their current membership card to the librarian. The Center has the right to refuse services if you do not present your card.

Do you agree to the terms of our Library Media Center membership?

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BMAHE Bylaws and Statement of Faith
It is your responsibility to read the BMAHE Bylaws and Statement of Faith therein. Only the board is required to sign this document, but all members must understand and acknowledge that this is the guiding framework for our support group. 

I have read and understand the Bylaws and Statement of Faith BMAHE follows.

Yes No (membership will not be granted)