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Other Homeschooling Communities in the Area

THEA is the largest support group in North Dakota, but we're not the only game in town. Our goal is to support homeschoolers of our community no matter who they are or how they homeschool. Below is a list of other homeschool groups in Bismarck-Lincoln-Mandan.

By clicking the community name, you will be able to email them and collect more information on their programs. These groups operate separately and independently of THEA and you do not need to be a member of THEA to participate.

Catholic Home Educators of Bismarck Mandan: Catholic support group offering social and learning activities for all ages. 

Catholic Schoolhouse: provides classical homeschool curriculum resources and musical memory work supporting the classical method with a Catholic worldview in a co-op setting.

Classical Conversations:  Classical Conversations seeks to equip parents as the primary educator to provide a Christian, classical education with high academic standards and a fellowship of like-minded families by offering K4-12 programs that cultivate the love of learning using the tools of learning based on a Biblical worldview in order to know God and make Him known.

Inspire Collective:   With the understanding that God is the center of life and the well from which we draw knowledge, education, encouragement and love we have developed this wonderful Projects Based Learning Community for kids ages 4-12 as well as nursery options.

Mountain Movers Homeschool Collective:  home schooling families from the Bismarck and Beyond area who meet weekly to encourage our kids to learn and grow in community.

ND Home School Association:  state organization providing annual convention, monthly newsletter and legislative work.

ND Homeschool Moms: coaching, mentoring, and encouragement for moms.

North Dakota Secular Homeschoolers: Facebook group supporting secular homeschoolers in ND.

Wild+Free:  Wild + Free groups are for homeschoolers, nature lovers, and those who have simply resonated with this community and want to know more. No matter what approach you take - we're all in this together.

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